Who are the BOD and merchant partners of Amazon inc

Here is the list of BOD present currently in Amazon:-

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  • Jeff Bezos:- Jeff Bezos remains the president, CEO and also the chairman of the Amazon inc and is present in every board meeting of the company.
  • Keith .B. Alexander:- Keith Alexander is the CEO of iron net cybersecurity system and also was the former director of NSA as well.
  • Rosalind Brewer:- She is the group president as well as the COO of the Starbucks company.
  • Jamie Gorelick:- He is the partner at Wilmer Cutler Pickering hale and Dorr.
  • Daniel P. Huttenlocher:-Dean of Schwarzman college of computing at Massachusetts institute of technology.
  • Judy Mc. Grath:- She was the former CEO of MTV network here in the US.
  •  Indra Nooyi:- She was one the of former CEO of the PepsiCo which was launched in North Carolina in the US.
  • Jon Rubenstein:- Former CEO and also the chairman of the Palm inc whose headquarters are located in the US.
  •  Thomas O. Ryder:- He was the former CEO and chairman at reader’s digest association here in the US.
  • Patty Stonesifer:- She was the president and also the CEO of Martha’s table inc which was founded in Washington DC.
  • Wendell P. Weeks:- Chairman, president and also the CEO of corning inc, which is founded in America.

 Merchant partners of Amazon inc

In the year 2000 Amazon entered into a contract with Toys R us and agreed to sell their toys on Amazon’s website but due to Amazon allowing the third party to also sell it made toys R us annoyed and forced them to cancel the contract and Amazon had to give them 51 Million USD.

In 2011 Amazon (AMZN) entered into a contract with DC comics and put up comics of batman, green lantern, superman, sandman and watchmen due to which many bookstores had to remove the title of DC comics.

In 2013 Amazon made a contract with the United States Postal service (USPS) to deliver packages on Sundays to an area like New York and also had plant expand further within 2014.

In 2017 Nike entered into a contract with Amazon where Amazon can sell Nike products on its online web store.

In 2017 Amazon partnered with JV Appario retail to sell products at a low price to attract customers.

In 2018 Amazon agreed to sell Apple products on its website at low rates.

Due to Amazon partnering with many companies, its stock price had gone up a lot which is represented as AMZN on NASDAQ. You can check its releases at https://www.webull.com/releases/nasdaq-amzn before investing in this stock.

June 2024