Why invest in technology and what are the advantages?

Schools Across the planet are going through a growth spurt of sorts, which can be both painful and inevitable. Perhaps your course is using a COW Computer on Wheels cart once per week or maybe every student in your school is holding an iPad and administrators are throwing around the dreaded term going paperless. Whatever the degree of technology integration, all of us appear to be at any given time in some state of transition toward new technologies. The painful truth, however, is that no matter how many professional development sessions we get or how many tools we are given, many adults struggle to adapt to new technology. We approach the new school year fully aware that our pupils will hack the press and flip it to their own deviant applications before us as educators even learn how to turn the device on. The solution to this dilemma is straightforward. It is time to take a page from our pupils’ playbook. We will need to jump over the hurdles of doubt, and trepidation, fear, so as to come out ahead in the technology race.

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Unlike the 5 Stages of Loss and Grief, all people not just adults undergo a series of predictable responses when faced with new technology. Knowing that these phases are the same for everybody and that it is not just you against the world, you may begin to move through the stages more quickly. You can learn how to follow the lead of your students and turn fear into excitement and finally, acceptance. As Teachers, we work hard to hone our craft. Year to year we make adjustments to our classroom management systems, our lesson plans, and the program to be able to maximize our efficiency. Thus, it may feel like a surprise when administrators announce an abrupt and sweeping change, like a paperless courses, and 1:1 technology integration where each student works on a device, whether it is a computer, tablet computer, or even their telephone. An automated reply will be experienced by educators. The overall response is this is not going to work.

technology for improving business

It Turns out this is a response toward technology. Children, who appear enthusiastic and flexible about every new wave of advancement, undergo an uncertainty. The technology adoption would be to accept you will feel fearful and frustrated. It is normal. Acknowledging your anxiety can help you move through this stage. Freaked out and really do not enjoy this. But do not stop there. Proceed beyond the fear and try the technology.

July 2024